New Book Recommendation │ The Way of Human-Computer Interaction: Research Methods and Examples

Recommended by Don Norman, author of Psychology of Design, and Vint Cerf, inventor of the TCP/IP protocol, the father of the Internet

The Way of Human-Computer Interaction: Research Methods and Examples
Author: (U.S.) Judith S. Olson, (U.S.) Wendy A. Kellogg, Fu Zhiyong, Wang Dagui
isbn: 978-7-302-60159-3
Pricing: 99 RMB

Content Introduction

Based on a series of expert talks given at the Human Computer Interaction Consortium (HCIC), this book explains in detail the following research approaches to human-computer interaction.

This book uses a unified structure to present each research method.


Interpreting Ethnography
Using Curiosity, Creativity and Unexpected Discoveries as Analytical Tools: A Grounded Theory Approach
Acting to Know: A Methodology for Studying Human-Computer Interaction - Action Research
Concepts, values and methods of technology-based HCI research
Research, Construct and Repeat: Using Online Communities as a Research Platform
Field deployment: understanding in real-world application
Science and Design
A study of design practices in human-computer interaction
Experimental research in human-computer interaction
Questionnaire research in human-computer interaction
Crowdsourcing in Human-Computer Interaction Research
Sensor data flow
Eye Tracking Overview
Understanding user behavior through log data and analysis
Going Back: A Retrospective Research Approach in Human-Computer Interaction
Designing multi-user systems through agent modeling
Social network analysis in human-computer interaction
Research Ethics and Human-Computer Interaction
Concluding remarks

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