Teaching Courses

Design Futures

Service Design

This 3-credit course is offered by Mr. Fu Zhiyong of the Department of Information Art and Design at Tsinghua University's Academy of Fine Arts. It focuses on application scenarios and demand trends in information technology and new economic forms, exploring potential opportunities and proposing innovative solutions in areas such as smart cities, e-commerce, future learning, health care, and public services.
Target: All graduate students of Tsinghua University
Class time: Spring semester
Duration: 32 class hours (2 credits)

Interaction Design

The course "Introduction to Interaction Design" is offered by Mr. Fu Zhiyong from the Department of Information Art and Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University. The course explores interaction design theory and practice in depth. The course focuses on the concept, history and development of interaction design, design tools, experience design, participatory design, social design and design ethics, guiding students to construct a complete knowledge system and improve their academic research ability.
Interaction design (1) starts from understanding human behavior and cultural contexts, and creates new experiences for living, working, learning and playing through the design of ways of communication and exchange between people, products and environments.
The goal of the course, Interaction Design (2), is to teach students to understand the impact of future thinking and social innovation concepts on future interaction patterns, to explore the interactive links between communities, activities, media, spaces and environments, to master the methods of event design and influence communication, and to be able to apply and develop them in conjunction with practical topics.
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