Call for papers | Special Issue of Systems (SSCI)

Call for papers | 
Special Issue of Systems (SSCI)

01 Journal Introduction Journal Introduction

Systems is an international, peer-reviewed OA journal covering practical applied research in various systems theories including systems engineering management, environmental management, and complex social systems, etc. It is published bimonthly by MDPI Switzerland and is indexed in SSCI, Scopus, dblp, and other databases.

Systems is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal on systems theory in practice, including fields such as systems engineering management, environmental management and complex social systems, published bimonthly online by MDPI. It can be indexed within SSCI (Web of Science), Scopus, dblp, and other databases.

02 Special Issue Theme

The theme of the call for papers is "Futures Thinking in Design Systems and Social Transformation", which is part of the "Systems Design" section of the Systems journal.

In the face of the current trend of great changes in international society, thinking and looking into the future social landscape is becoming a new focus of the design discipline, especially in the face of the new globalization trend in the post-epidemic era, future literacy and design vision have become indispensable qualities and abilities to cope with uncertainty, enhance social and industrial resilience, and achieve sustainable innovation. The new scenarios, new opportunities and new challenges arising from the changes in the world landscape, whether based on the concept of "Anthropocene", the future ecological changes of human beings, or the means of digitalization, intelligence and networking, all require us to find new solutions, we cannot ignore the social and humanistic thinking and the direction of sustainable development, and we need to bravely explore and explore the future development path with a good vision and expectation. The difficulties and challenges that all traditional fields and application models have suffered in the past are also the opportunities and motivations that Design for the Future is facing, through the use of design and technology to continuously promote the development of enterprises, society, education and industry. This special issue encourages scholars to explore the boundaries of disciplines and knowledge fields with open, global, cutting-edge, and interdisciplinary thinking, and to contribute forward-looking actions and strategic research on design, with a view to providing academic references for the current social transformation and innovation.

This special issue "Futures Thinking in Design Systems and Social Transformation" belongs to the section "Systems Design".

Complex global challenges drive concern about the uncertain future of nature and society. In engaging with large-scale problems,future literacy and design foresight are becoming indispensable in designing systems and play a vital role in enhancing social resilience. Facing the challenges of social change and survival caused by Anthropocene and globalization crisis, rethinking and foreseeing the future social landscape is becoming the new direction of the design discipline. Social and humanistic speculation and guidance of sustainable direction should not be ignored. Future thinking combines foresight, speculation and design fiction to identify the causal relationship of complexity and find innovative paths of innovation to deliver social well-being and economic prosperity. Future-oriented design is used to tackle challenges in traditional field and application modes for enterprises, society, education and industry, and in shaping a network for global sharing and co-creation. The aim is to provide a compass gu 

03 Guest Editor

Fu Zhiyong(Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, China)
Anna Barbara(Politecnico di Milano School of Design, Italy)
Peter Scupelli(School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Lv Yanru(School of Media and Design, Beijing Technology and Business University, China)

04 Call for Papers Website

05 Deadline

July 30, 2023

06 Support Unit Support Unit

Global Design Futures Network (GDFN)
Art and Tech Innozone, Tsinghua University (THU)

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