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Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base

The Art Tech Innozone (ATI) was officially established on November 26, 2017 at Tsinghua University, an important part of Tsinghua University's national innovation-driven development strategy, and the first creative engine and crowdsourcing platform for the integration of art and technology in China. It aims to better cultivate innovative creative talents combining art and technology, so that it can further play the role of integrating art and technology innovation and alleviate the major contradiction between people's growing need for a better life and unbalanced and insufficient development. At present, ATI Base aims to cultivate start-up teams, upgrade design services, lead the cultural and creative industry, and build a co-creation ecology, and carry out the "Art and Technology Innovation Talent Training Program".

The base is supervised by Tsinghua Academic Affairs Office and guided by China University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance, which jointly develops an international, professional, systematic and practical training curriculum for innovation and entrepreneurship education integrating art and science and technology, realizes "art teaching + creative design + scientific research development + innovation practice + project promotion + business incubation + results display". We will cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial teachers with forward-looking art and science integration vision and thinking, create an international group of art and science creators, incubate high-level art and science integration innovative and entrepreneurial projects, and strive to create a new ecology of art and science cross-border integration innovation and entrepreneurship, further promoting the docking and integration of education and society, education and industry.

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Art and Technology Innovation Base
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