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Part One
01  / Course Description

Product and service design focuses on application scenarios and demand trends in information technology and new economic forms, to explore potential opportunities and propose innovative solutions in the fields of smart city, e-commerce, future learning, health care, space exploration, public services, etc. The course will be based on the core concept of user-centeredness, combining design thinking with technology application and business innovation. Students will create social and commercial value by mastering the process of product and service design, uncovering user experience and real needs, mastering lean development models, and building systematic prototypes of service experience. The course will help students from different backgrounds to understand service design theory through readings, lectures, discussions, cases and practice, and practical training through interdisciplinary team projects.

Part Two
02  / Previous Year Classes

Prof. Annalisa Dominoni & Prof. Benedetto Quaquaro share
Product and Service Design 2021 - Course Review

Part Three
03  / This year's course content

This year's topics will continue to focus on the new space economy, and through collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Space Science and Technology Information and experts serving international space professional organizations, the course will include space-related support from experts in Chinese space station-related research fields and experience in NASA and ESA design.

The course will organize the development of innovative space design workshops, encourage participants to apply design to the space domain, use design tools to inspire participants to think about new experiences of living in space, collect and record process information through a resource library and a community of participants, and systematically develop design solutions related to human exploration in space.

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This year we continue to use the new space economy as a backdrop to design future products and services. We also invited Prof. Michael Fox, who has focused on space machine architecture for decades and has participated in more than ten NASA space projects, to share his work with us. Here are some of his past works :


Product and Service Design" is also a module of the "Creative Design Thinking Enhancement Program", which can be taken by master and doctoral students of Tsinghua University who are not majoring in art. For more information, please refer to the application guide of the Creative Design Thinking Enhancement Program.

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