Live Broadcast Preview|【Future Art】NO.4|Qiu Yu x Xing Dan: Imagining the Future Ecology at the Overlap_ @ August 20(Sat) _14:00-16:00

Future Art Network|Online Salon
Future Arts Network | Online Salon
【FAN-salon NO.4】
Issue 4

Imagining the future ecology at the intersection
Imagine the Future Ecology at the Overlap

"Guest Speaker"

Qiu Yu|The Poetry of Technology under the Penetration of Material Energy
Artist, Ph.D. in Art and Technology, School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts
Engaged in the creation and research of art and technology
Xing Dan|"Imagining Technology, Society and Future Ecology in Intimate Relationships
Curator, research and curatorial work in the field of art + technology
Research on mixed media narratives and biological and ecological topics

"Lecture Time

August 20, 2022 (Saturday)
  14:00-16:00 (Beijing time)

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Tencent Conference: 297-852-803

"Lecture Introduction

Imagining the future ecology at the intersection

How do we understand the multiple ecologies of environment, technology, media and society today, and imagine the future? The intersection of technology and art and interdisciplinary research provides an overlapping context for creation and curation, where nature and culture are tightly entwined, and we need a new perspective on the relationship between technology and nature today, as well as an awareness of the dynamism and interconnectedness of the material world around us, offering us a new perspective with a horizontal connection and a broad imagination, which has different temporal and perceptual dimensions. The complex of technology and environment constitutes its own unique beginning and its corresponding autonomy, and we can reopen our thinking towards this system or, alternatively, place it in a relatively concrete reality. In this complex scenario, we need to find a way of art practice and exhibition narrative rooted in the living scene, to link the past, present, future, technology and society, to perceive the poetry of technology and the warmth of life in an overlapping space, and to think about the relationship between people and everything in the present. This lecture invites artist Qiu Yu and curator Xing Dan to introduce their artistic creation and curatorial practice with the theme of ecology and art, and together they will discuss the poetry of technology and overlapping narratives.

"Guest Speaker"

Qiu Yu

He is a doctoral candidate in the field of art and technology at the School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts. In his works, he uses mixed media such as sound, video, installation, biology, etc. in combination with technology to explore the inner logic and linguistic relationship embedded in technological media, as well as the perception of life under the influence of mixed media. His works have been exhibited in "Post-Life" Beijing Media Art Biennial, "Asia Digital Art Exhibition", "Growth" International Biological Art Exhibition, "B3 Biennale", "Jinji Lake Biennale", "The 13th National Art Exhibition" and other domestic and international exhibitions.

The Land of Succession (2022), Qiu Yu
Where Will It Go (2022), Qiu Yu

Xing Dan Diane Xing

Curator, engaged in research and curatorial work in the direction of art+technology, dedicated to the research of mixed media narratives and biological and ecological topics, trying to use a daily narrative to explore the diversity of technology, and the possibility of art and technology to create the future of human cross-border survival and co-prosperity of all things. Curatorial exhibitions: "The Balcony of the Brave - Nutrition, Materials and Future Ecology" (Hyundai Blue Prize Art+Tech 2022 Annual Curatorial Award), "Future Coupling" Art+Tech exhibition, participated in BMAB Beijing Media Art Biennale, "Hyper_Connection", and "The Future of Art+Tech". Hyper_Connection" 751 International Design Festival and other exhibitions.

The Balcony of the Brave - Nutrition, Materials and Future Ecology" exhibition site, Xing Dan

"Academic Chair"

Fu Zhiyong

He is a long-appointed associate professor in the Department of Information Art and Design of Tsinghua University's Academy of Fine Arts, and a supervisor of doctoral students. He is currently the Deputy Director of Tsinghua University Sino-Italian Design Innovation Center, Director of Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base, Secretary General of Information and Interaction Design Committee of China Industrial Design Association, President of World Chinese Overseas Chinese Human-Computer Interaction Association, mainly undertakes undergraduate and graduate courses related to interaction design, service design, design thinking and innovation and entrepreneurship. His research focuses on the future of design and innovation tools, human-centered cities and service design. He has served on the organizing committees of the international conferences ACM SIGCHI and HCII for many times.

"Academic Sponsors"

Chen Yu

Curator, new media artist, PhD student in the Department of Information Art and Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Master in Art and Technology, Central Academy of Fine Arts; Research Assistant in the Center for Human Imagination, Southern University of Science and Technology. He is dedicated to the theoretical exploration of future thinking, design future and discursive scenarios, and practical research in the direction of art and technology.


Tseng Yiwen

D. in design from China Academy of Art, head of Design for Design Studio, and course instructor of Central Academy of Fine Arts, he is dedicated to teaching and creating to promote design future, design poetry, East-West discursive design, and design fiction.

Future Art Network Salon NO.4
Imagining the future ecology at the intersection
@ August 20 (Saturday) 14:00-16:00

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Tencent Conference: 297-852-803

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Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base

Department of Information Art and Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University
Designing the Future Group, Tsinghua University

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"About Future Art Network

Future Arts Network_Salon is based on design future research, focusing on cutting-edge innovative theories, tools and practical methods, and exploring the future orientation of all the elephants. It is organized by the Art and Technology Innovation Base (ATI) of Tsinghua University and hosted by the Design Future Group of the Department of Information Art and Design, Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts. It aims to open the first academic platform in China that explores multiple futures by interdisciplinary disciplines of design, futurology, science fiction, art and science.

Today's era is facing the greatest change ever seen in a century, and new ideas and approaches are needed to examine the changes and address the new challenges of the Anthropocene, with the aim of promoting Futures Wellbeing, Futures Literacy, and positive changes on the planet. We are evolving from object-centered, user-centered, society-centered, and nature-centered to future-centered development. Future Arts Network (FAN) will invite future-oriented Policy Maker, Innovator, Change Maker and Academic Researcher to focus on " Art and Technology", "Science Fiction and Fiction", "Thinking and Design", "The Present and the Future", "Education and Empowerment "They will create an inclusive and resilient dialogue network by breaking away from the solidified perceptions that exist between disciplines and creating a sense of symbiosis.

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