Live Broadcast|"Tsinghua Technology Innovation - BMW China IT Innovation Joint Challenge Lab" Kick-off Meeting

The "Tsinghua Technology Innovation - BMW China IT Innovation Joint Challenge Project Lab" is a joint initiative of Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center and BMW China IT, with the support of Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base.Innovation Meta-Universe Idea Call Contest.

The competition is geared towards selecting outstanding creative works around the actual application scenarios of automotive products and services, and creating innovative business solutions under the meta-universe concept.

The call for proposals will be based on a virtual world in the Metaverse that is parallel to the real world, combined withVirtual reality hybrid experience, AI and cloud computing, avatars and digital twins, 5G blockchainIn the technical direction of brand marketing, production materials, inside and outside the car experience, etc., the future of the rulingFuture Brand Officer, Future Executive and Future ExperienceOfficial.

- Do you want to learn more about the contest theme and process?
- Do you want professional advice on project ideas?
- Do you want to connect with great fellow mentors?

To address the above issues, "Tsinghua Technology Innovation - BMW China IT Innovation Joint Challenge Lab" launched a special online launch event.

- Kick-off meeting agenda (online)

July 11, 2022, 14:00-15:00

In this conference, we invited expert mentors from the fields of financial management, art and design, and business to communicate with you online and help you answer questions on challenge themes, proposal submissions, and more, so that your innovative dreams are within your reach!

14:00~14:10 Opening Address / Introduction to the Technology Innovation Center at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management
14:10~14:20 Introduction of Tsinghua Art and Technology Innovation Base 
14:20~14:30 Background sharing on Tsinghua and BMW cooperation project
14:30~14:45 BMW China IT Future Positioning and the Challenge Objectives
14:45~14:55 Tsinghua Technology Innovation - BMW China IT Innovation Joint Challenge Workshop Arrangement
14:55~15:00 The kick-off event is over and the call for applications is open

- Launch guests

- Jizhen Li -

Associate Dean, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
Professor, Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
Deputy Director, Technology Innovation Research Center, Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management Dynamic Competition and
Director of Innovation Strategy Research Center
"Tsinghua Technology Innovation - BMW China IT
Project leader of the "Innovation Joint Challenge Project Laboratory

His research areas are digital transformation and innovation, technology innovation, science and technology policy, corporate strategy, project management and entrepreneurship management. As a project leader, he has led the research of more than 30 projects, including 6 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 6 projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and 5 projects of corporate consulting. He has participated in the research of more than 40 projects.

- Fu Zhiyong -

Department of Information Art and Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University
Long-term Associate Professor and Doctoral Supervisor
Director of Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base
Deputy Director of Tsinghua University Sino-Italian Design Innovation Base

He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to interaction design, service design, design thinking and innovation and entrepreneurship. His research focuses on intelligent product and service design, human-centered city and design future, etc. He was selected by the Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talent Support Program in 2006, and was a visiting scholar at Tsukuba University in Japan in 1998 and Carnegie Mellon University in 2008. HCII and other international conference organizing committees.

- Du Xia -

Tsinghua Economic Management Center for Dynamic Competition and Innovation Strategy

He is responsible for collaborative research projects with leading international and domestic companies in the areas of dynamic competition, sustainable development and innovation strategies. He has nearly 20 years of middle and senior management experience in state-owned enterprises and multinational companies, and has rich management experience in business development strategy, new product development and marketing strategy, marketing, business operation, project investment and financing. She has coached 100+ teams and projects in the areas of smart manufacturing, smart city and transportation, smart life, health care, information technology and internet, education, energy and environmental protection, etc. She has helped some projects win awards and raise funds. She is also the lead instructor of Tsinghua University SDG Open Hack (2019 & 2020), Tsinghua University 2021 Global Summer Hackathon and 2022 Global Summer Hackathon (Metaverse and Sustainable Development of Healthy Cities).

- Yukki Yukki -

Head of BMW Innovation Management

Yukki has a deep background in business and technology consulting, project management and digital solution design. Responsible for innovation management, startup garage and university collaboration. Her goal is to work with business and IT teams to find the right innovative ideas for BMW products, processes and services that bring value to BMW.

- Li Yin -

"Tsinghua Technology Innovation - BMW China IT 
Workshop leader for the preliminary round of the "Innovation Joint Challenge Project Lab

D. in Design, Tsinghua University, Class of 2019, with research interests in future-oriented situational constructive design methods. 2019 was awarded the Guanghua Dragon Award - Top 10 Outstanding Young People in China's Service Design Industry, and nominated for the Guanghua Dragon Award - Top 10 Outstanding Young People in China's Design Industry in the same year.

- Online Live Streaming Platform - Tencent WIZ

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