Zhiyong Fu, Tsinghua University
Peter Scupelli, Carnegie Mellon University
Anna Barbara, Politecnico di Milano

Our goal is to create network to connect the diverse design futures community that spans multiple related fields such as history, futurology, art, design, philosophy, sociology, and so forth.

We gather GDFN community members from various disciplines to achieve the vigorous development of a futures centered discipline of design.
Value Proposition


Experts from around the world join together to responsibly further the elevate the mission of education. We explore possible futures in our rapidly changing world from both global and local perspectives.


As an interdisciplinary field, Design Futures combine multiple related fields to design futures, including: philosophy, aesthetics, art, design, futurology, sociology and other interdisciplinary fields to discuss methods and advanced theories for designing desirable and sustainable futures.


We live in the Anthropocene era. Confusion and paradoxical situations abound. On one hand, we’ve witnessed incredible advances in technology, health, and wellbeing and so forth; and, on the other hand, we’re facing planetary level existential threats, climate emergency, income inequality, environmental degradation, and so forth.
Other Introduction

Vision and Mission

We are committed to providing an academic exchange platform for educators, researchers, practitioners, students and other cross-innovators in related fields around the world to explore advanced theories and discuss futures centered directions.

About Us

We provide an international academic cooperation networked platform for exploring advanced theories and discussing future directions. We promote academic exchanges and cooperative research among educators, researchers, practitioners, students and other cross-innovators in related fields around the world, and assume the role of a bridge for academic exchanges.

The Benefits of Membership

Network members will be able to share and communicate academically, and publish papers on the platform we provide. Through various academic exchange activities, we help members improve their academic level and social status. We will also assist members in part-time jobs, academic exchanges and entrepreneurship in universities and research institutions in various countries. Help our members grow together in related fields.

Design Futures Studio (Milan)

Design futures Studio (Milan) established by China-Itlay design innovation Hub, which launched and operated by professors from Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, School of Design at Carnegie Mellon, design department at Politecnico di Milano. The aim is to promote the field of design futures through academic research, courses, seminars, conferences, student and scholar visits and other activities.
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