FAN 2022
Future Art Network|Online Salon

Future Arts Network_Salon is based on design future research, focusing on cutting-edge innovative theories, tools and practical methods, and exploring the future orientation of all the elephants. It is organized by the Art and Technology Innovation Base (ATI) of Tsinghua University and hosted by the Design Future Group of the Department of Information Art and Design, Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts. It aims to open the first academic platform in China that explores multiple futures by interdisciplinary disciplines of design, futurology, science fiction, art and science.

Today's era is facing the greatest change ever seen in a century, and new ideas and approaches are needed to examine the changes and address the new challenges of the Anthropocene, with the aim of promoting Futures Wellbeing, Futures Literacy, and positive changes on the planet. We are evolving from object-centered, user-centered, society-centered, and nature-centered to future-centered development. Future Arts Network (FAN) will invite future-oriented Policy Maker, Innovator, Change Maker and Academic Researcher to focus on " Art and Technology", "Science Fiction and Fiction", "Thinking and Design", "The Present and the Future", "Education and Empowerment "They will create an inclusive and resilient dialogue network by breaking away from the solidified perceptions that exist between disciplines and creating a sense of symbiosis.
Qiu Yu x Xing Dan: Imagining the Future Ecology at the Overlap
Zhang Haitao: Futurology and Future Artistic Thought
Conceiving a poetic future from a female perspective
Fei Jun: Art and technology together shape the world of imagination
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