ICDF 2021
2021 Designing the Future International Conference

In the face of the new challenges of globalization in the post-epidemic era, future literacy and design foresight have become indispensable qualities and capabilities to cope with uncertainty, enhance the resilience of society and industry, and achieve sustainable innovation. The conference will explore the cutting-edge ideas, methods, tools and innovative practices of the future of design from four perspectives: future philosophy, future education, future creation and future society.

The conference has invited internationally renowned experts and scholars in the fields of design, futurology, philosophy, science and education to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, to consider how to anticipate and respond to complex social issues, and to develop a vision of the future from the perspective of design foresight. The conference hopes to promote the synergistic coexistence and development of science, technology, economy and society, and to integrate future thinking into innovation practice in order to cope with and lead a future full of uncertainties. This international conference will look forward to the future, explore the future in the construction of a community of destiny, and create a consensual future together with people involved in various fields from the responsibility and mission of design education.

Meeting time

Conference Topics
Philosophy of the Future - Facing the post-epidemic situation and thinking about the challenges of social humanities.
Future creation - digital-oriented, breaking through the boundaries of technological foresight.
Future Society - Building a paradigm of shared values towards community.
Education for the Future - Diversity oriented to enhance the ability to design foresight.

Future Creation Lab

Futures IdeasLab is a communication workshop for young scholars, which will consist of a panel of two speakers and a moderator, who will discuss topics, analyze ideas, collide ideas or plan actions around the theme and visualize them after the guests share their views. In the "IdeasLab" session, online participants will sign up for the IdeasLab according to their interests.

Call for Papers
The International Conference on Designing the Future invites abstracts from doctoral and master students and related scholars worldwide. Selected abstracts will be presented at the Designing the Future Online International Conference. After the conference, the full papers will be submitted in English according to the HCII 2022 ( ) conference format within a specified period of time, and after peer review, the accepted papers will be presented as invited papers in the HCII 2022 Intercultural Design Session "Designing the Future". After peer review, the accepted papers will be presented as invited papers in the HCII 2022 Intercultural Design Session "Designing the Future" Theme Forum. The papers submitted, registered and included in the conference proceedings according to HCII requirements are EI retrieved.

Abstract submission deadline: October 25, 2021
Forum date: November 7 and 14, 2021 morning
Invited paper submission deadline: January 25, 2022

ICDF 2020
2020 Designing the Future International Conference

The International Conference on Design Futures (ICDF2020), hosted by Tsinghua University, will be held online on November 7-8 and 14-15, 2020. The conference invites experts and scholars from renowned universities, laboratories and institutions at home and abroad to discuss cutting-edge academic directions and share cross-border innovation practices around the theme of Design Futures. It provides a platform for educators, researchers, practitioners, students and other cross-border innovators in the field of design and innovation at home and abroad to explore the frontiers of their disciplines, discuss future directions of change, and build an international academic community.

Based on design and futurology, Designing the Future looks at the future from a humanistic perspective and integrates macroscopic thinking about worldviews and values in products and services; it gives time variables to design, considers evolutionary processes and trends as organic components of design, injects future thinking into design thinking and events, and helps It gives time variables to design, considers evolutionary processes and trends as organic components of design, injects future thinking into design thinking and events, and helps creators think about the current direction of design and technology development from a future perspective.

Meeting time
2020.11.07-11.08, 11.14-11.15

Keynote Speech
Designing the Future, Futurology, Thinking Design, Design Exploration

Thematic Forum
Exploring the Future (Discernment, Resilience, Co-benefits): Shaping Future Social and Cultural Trends in the New Normal
Doctrine of the future (methods, tools, education): Future thinking into design methods and education models
Future Empowerment (Technology, Industry, Ecology): Industry and Innovation Trends in a Multi-Level Perspective
Future trends (cities, scenes, services): experiments on future life scenes and smart society practices

In the Future Ideas Lab session, a panel of discussion facilitators will be assembled. This platform provides an opportunity for each participant to express their opinions and showcase their views. Participants can join each of the idea labs of interest, discuss, analyze, think and plan actions and visualize them under the guidance of the topic facilitators.

2020 Design Future International Works Exhibition
As an extension of the Designing the Future Online International Conference, the Designing the Future International Works Exhibition brings a multi-dimensional perspective of the unknown and exploratory future field to the audience in the form of a documentary and creative works video exhibition. The exhibition provides inspiring future tools and AI CIty cases for building a park city in Chengdu for the future, empowering urban transformation with future thinking. The interactive and experiential aspects of the exhibition allow citizens to participate in the co-creation process of the future city and collect materials and information for serving the construction of future life scenarios in Chengdu, as well as an attempt to put the city-as-a-service concept into practice. The exhibition will also showcase the Design Partner 2.0 based on Chengdu's local project, the City Hunter Project, which invites young designers from around the world to explore online and offline co-creation models to recreate new opportunities for urban innovation in the urban culture of the Chengdu context.

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