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Innovation Meta-Universe Idea Call Contest
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About the "Innovation Universe Idea Contest

2021 is the year of meta-universe, and the concept of meta-universe has gradually entered the public's view and even become the new favorite of industry focus, receiving more and more attention from all walks of life. In the metaverse, how to empower the automotive industry and influence the future automotive industry and human's travel life has become a necessary topic.

The Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center and BMW China IT, with the support of Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base, will jointly launch the Metaverse Idea Contest, which aims to select outstanding ideas and create innovative business solutions for practical application scenarios around automotive products and services. The purpose of the competition is to select outstanding ideas and create innovative business solutions under the metaverse.

#PART 01.
Theme Direction

Contestants can participate in the race activities around the following three tracks and select one of the application scenarios to submit creative works. The creative call will also select outstanding creative solutions in the following three application scenarios.

The creative proposals collected will explore a virtual world parallel to the real world in the Metaverse, where all the things people can do in reality can be realized in the Metaverse. The maturity of Internet connectivity, social network ecology, AR/VR and other immersive technologies is the prerequisite for the realization of the Metaverse; the rise of the Metaverse will be accompanied by the evolution of AR/VR, cloud computing, AI, 5G and other technologies, and the construction and development of the virtual world by human beings will create the ultimate form of the Internet - the Metaverse.

This call for ideas wants innovative talents to design in conjunction with technological directions in the context of the metaverse: the

# Technical Direction 01.
Virtual Reality Mixed Experience

By combining VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) and even XR (eXtended Reality) immersive experiences, we aim to make travel tools more expressible and immersive interactive user experiences, thus making the customer experience more enjoyable. From virtual worlds with limited sensor input to fully immersive virtual worlds, we combine all experiences of mobility tools with virtual worlds to explore fully immersive sensory experiences of users in virtual environments.

# Technology Direction 02.
AI and Cloud Computing

Meta-universe as the next technology form entrance, coupling with AI technology, we can obviously feel the enrichment to the ecological content of the meta-universe world. The intelligent accompaniment, intelligent interaction, scene content generation and construction in the digital world, etc., are all telling the intelligent transformation of AI various kinds of intelligent tools to the infrastructure facilities of the metaverse world, not only to wrap up a large amount of infrastructure and guidance work, to reduce the burden of practitioners, but also to give the communication between human and machine, the user's experience within the ecology, to provide a different value from the human real society.

# Technology Direction 03.
Virtual characters and digital twins

Without digital twin technology, the metaverse we are talking about today would be just a science fiction talk. To realize a meta-universe where the virtual world is superimposed on the physical world, the core lies in digital twin technology. A real virtual digital person must be a digital twin that can reflect the real physical world in real time based on the combination of digital twin technology and wearable device technology.

# Technology Direction 04.
5G and Blockchain Technology

5G is the communication foundation of the metaverse, edge computing is the innovation of network structure under the new business model, and blockchain is the revolution of IT technology and the carrier of value Internet. Blockchain's unique trust mechanism can empower edge computing, provide a neutral, credible and easy-to-use "information + credit" platform for vertical industries, and realize more efficient circulation and organic integration of production factors among different industries. The edge computing can provide resources, communication and capacity assistance for blockchain.

#PART 02.

#PART 03.
Specific benefits

1. Reward Policy
- The competition will produce 6 groups Award-winning creative programs.
- The winner will be awarded a prize by Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base and BMW CHINA IT. Award Certificate ;.
- Winners will receive a total of 80,000 yuan the bonus.

2. Creative support
- All participants will have the opportunity to attend training sessions to fuel innovation.
- All participants will have the opportunity to speak with industry experts and receive professional guidance.
- All participants will have the opportunity to receive free support for their equipment.
- All participants will have the opportunity to receive free support for the software platform.

3. Media campaign
- winning entries will be published through the official platform.
- Winners will receive one professional media coverage and publicity through the official platform and more opportunities for project incubation.

#PART 04.
Participation method

1. Participants: Individual participation or team participation
- Individual participation: Current Tsinghua students (including and not limited to undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees)
- Team participation: Core members include at least one current Tsinghua student

2. Professional background: unlimited, students interested in related majors are welcome to apply to participate in the form of interdisciplinary burst of creative inspiration

3. The participant guarantees full, complete and exclusive intellectual property rights to the participating programs

#PART 05.
Sign up to participate

1. Application deadline: July 15, 2022

2. Registration channel: Please scan the QR code below to register↓

If you have any related questions, please scan the code to join the communication and consultation WeChat group of the competition and discuss the consultation in the group↓


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BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co.
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