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Future Art Network|Online Salon

Future Arts Network | Online Salon

【FAN-salon NO.2

Issue 2

From a Female PerspectiveConceptionpoetic qualityFuture

Conceiving a Poetic Futures by Female Perspective

"Guest Speaker"

Liu Jiayu 

New Media Artist

Participating artists of the 59th Venice Biennale Chinese Pavilion "Yuanjing"

Wang You 

Independent Curator

Founder of Wanyu Gravity Lab

Zeng Yiwen 

Discursive design, design fiction researcher, designer

Doctor of Design, China Academy of Art

Chen Yu

Young curators, young artists

PhD student, Department of Information Art and Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University

"Lecture Time

2022June 18, 2012 (Saturday)

  14:00-17:00 (Beijing time)

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Tencent Conference: 282-285-294

"Guest Speaker"

Liu Jiayu Liu Jiayu

Graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2014, she set up the Liu Jiayu Studio in the same year, dedicated to the creative practice and research of new media art. Her creations have been trying to explore the multiple relationships between people and nature, exploring the various perspectives that people hold to observe nature, exploring data sources as essential clues to become communication nodes in the network of objects that travel, encounter, repel, penetrate and merge with each other in different fields. Under the constantly renewed medium, she uses the installation as a port of transmission and feedback to explore the virtual field and the real world, and through the collage and replacement of space to elicit behavioral responses and emotional resonance from the audience, which makes her creation itself always in the "re-creation" of people.

The Riverside", Liu Chia-Yu

Wang You

She is an independent curator and founder of Wanyu Gravitational Laboratory. Her early installations and video works were awarded the IDA Digital Art Award Academy Award Finalist (2006) and the Yokohama New Media Art and Video Festival Nomination Award (2007). She is the recipient of the Hyundai Blue Prize. She uses her curatorial work to reflect on issues such as the recurrence and metabolism of the subject's perception in spatial and temporal sequences, the concomitance of social innovation and public art, the relationship between individual human displacement and information dissemination, and the resulting social and technological issues. Her research and work areas involve film, contemporary art, and technological art.

Dream - Monument - Chronicle" exhibition concept drawing, Wang You, at Hyundai Motor Culture Center Beijing

Tseng Yiwen

He is a researcher of discursive design and design fiction, designer, Master of Design Interaction at Royal College of Art, PhD in Design at China Academy of Art, head of Design for Design Studio, course instructor at Central Academy of Fine Arts, dedicated to teaching and creating to promote design future, design poetry, East-West discursive design, design fiction.

The history of the curtain in the curtain listening to the government" (behind the curtain), Zeng Yiwen

Chen Yu

She is a young curator, a young artist, a PhD student in the Department of Information Art and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, and a master in Art and Technology at the Central Academy of Fine Arts; a research assistant at the Human Imagination Research Center of Southern University of Science and Technology. She was the chief media director and executive curator of the 2018 Post-Life Beijing Media Art Biennale; in 2019, she was the curator of the science fiction section of the main exhibition of the 8th Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism. The theme section of "Nine Cities, Ten Thousand Futures", which she co-curated with famous science fiction writer Wu Yan, won the Grand Prize of the 8th Shenzhen Biennale Organizing Committee; she planned the 2020 and 2021 Designing the Future International Conference. She is committed to future thinking, design future, theoretical exploration of discursive scenarios, and practical research in the direction of art and technology.

Grinding", Chen Entertainment

"Lecture Introduction

From a Female PerspectiveConceptionpoetic qualityFuture

At the beginning of the twentieth century, when the European literary world was still drenched in the sluggish legacy of the end of the century the Futurist movement, which began in Italy, emerged with a vengeance, leaving behind the glorious glory of the old The Futurist movement, which began in Italy, set aside the glorious glory of the old period. Artists and creators collectively moved forward with the future, or as the poet Marinetti, who took the lead in expressing modern life through words images, sounds, and memories in modern life through words to build a poetic world, bringing the future of all things into the The artists and creators themselves are interested in the issues and the The artist and creator's own sensitivity to issues and sensitivity to the issues and trends of the times, they are always able to explore through their inner emotions and contemporary cultural translations, leaving proof of the existence of the real the present, and the future dimension of time They also create a slightly realistic illusion through the fictional narrative a slightly realistic illusion for the The future dimension of time is also created through the fictional narrative to create a slightly realistic illusion, and a symbol to be deciphered for the wheel of time.

China has been a poetic national field since ancient times, from literature poetry, art communication, I Ching theory and music theory, etc., the rhythm and tonality of poetry and the spreading of meaning. However, when the topic of exploring the future comes up the future from an oriental perspective is never too far away from Poetry is too distant, and artists seem to carry poetic philosophy of the past to the exhibition and lecture hall of tomorrow. The artists also seem to carry the poetic philosophy of the past to the exhibition and lecture hall of tomorrow. At a time of global discussion about the crisis of the future modern man is immersed in the specific topics of the times, and revolves around the cycle of egoistic in the cycle of perceived egoism, there is a risk of lacking the other end The lightness of the warning from another perspective. After shedding the shells of different times the events that emerge in the cracks of each era will be found to be The speed of the iteration of the reality of human nature and the state of society is not entirely The speed of reality iteration has not quite kept up with the pace of technological progress and at the same time, the different philosophies of East and West Theories from the East and the West have also begun to take the community of destiny as their responsibility for the metaphysical and The discussion on the psychological and social structure of human beings in the metaphysical

The topic of this lecture is oriental female perspective, shaping a poetic vision of the future for women, but the core of the topic does not emphasize women as a special mass, and The topic is not about the seriousness and identity of feminism, but rather about the flexibility or rigidity, trying to understand the physical, psychological, and social environment The topic is not about the seriousness and characteristics of feminism, but about the flexibility and strength of women. how to read the cultural symbols of the future, and discuss with the audience discuss with the audience the ecological, social, and technological topics of the Poetic Future.

"Academic Chair"

Fu Zhiyong

He is a long-appointed associate professor in the Department of Information Art and Design of Tsinghua University's Academy of Fine Arts, and a supervisor of doctoral students. He is currently the Deputy Director of Tsinghua University Sino-Italian Design Innovation Center, Director of Tsinghua University Art and Technology Innovation Base, Secretary General of Information and Interaction Design Committee of China Industrial Design Association, President of World Chinese Overseas Chinese Human-Computer Interaction Association, mainly undertakes undergraduate and graduate courses related to interaction design, service design, design thinking and innovation and entrepreneurship. His research focuses on the future of design and innovation tools, human-centered cities and service design. He has served on the organizing committees of the international conferences ACM SIGCHI and HCII for many times.

"Academic Sponsors"

Chen Yu

Young curators, young artists

PhD student, Department of Information Art and Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University

Future Art Network Salon NO.2

From a Female PerspectiveConceptionpoetic qualityFuture

@6Saturday, September 18, 14:00-17:00

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