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Project Background


We live in an expanded world that includes the coexistence of real and virtual scenarios. At the same time, the world of communication, dominated by image culture, is transforming into an interactive world in a digitally driven society. As science and technology reach a singularity moment, the Metaverse is revolutionizing the future of society with its unique characteristics. As a new type of Internet application and social form generated by integrating new technologies such as blockchain, Metaverse will bring new opportunities and development, both in the development of new scenarios, new products and services in future digital life and in the upgrading of digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation.

The metaverse is a term used to describe the future iteration of the Internet, consisting of persistent, shared three-dimensional virtual spaces that are linked into a perceptible virtual universe - the next generation of the "physical Internet".

The metaverse breaks the limitations of space and may allow most people to experience world travel virtually, interacting with family members in distant countries with high quality; or learn new technologies directly in a virtual environment, practicing until they master the right way.

In this collective virtual shared space that transcends geographical limitations, we focus our research on a multi-user virtual environment in which users create three-dimensional environments and objects and interact in them with virtual avatars, with the aim of giving experiencers a first-hand experience of the culture and historical heritage of science and technology through architectural composition and historical evolution scenario construction.

Project Description

Metaverse Capsule

This project is led by the Design Future Group of Tsinghua University's Academy of Fine Arts, and aims to explore how the metaverse changes the way we connect, perceive and experience the world around us by constructing a metaverse science popularization vehicle "capsule capsule", trying to refract reality, experience reality, shape reality, improve reality in virtual space, and provide solutions to realistic challenges through virtual experiments. We try to refract reality, experience it, shape it, improve it, and provide solutions to realistic challenges through virtual experiments. Metaverse-related technologies are currently being used in architectural real estate demonstrations, industrial manufacturing processes, and medical research.

We will use the "capsule capsule" carrier and the VR, AR and MR technologies covered by XR to continuously explore the practical application scenarios of the metaverse, so that the experiencer can enter different scenarios and life areas with a new digital identity and interact with different characters, environments and objects, thus studying the new digital civilization generated by the virtual fusion space.

At the same time, we will improve the mobility and accessibility of the capsule, so that more users can have access to the metaverse technology and try to explore whether we can find the entry point to the educational metaverse by improving the physical quality and experience in the virtual world.


Author BioPictures

Li Yin

 Doctoral students 

Tsinghua University, College of Fine Arts, Class of 2019, PhD in Design

Master of Interdisciplinary Studies, Department of Information Art and Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Class of 2012

B.A. in New Media, 2004, School of Art, Renmin University of China

He graduated from the School of Arts of Renmin University of China with a Bachelor's degree in New Media, and graduated from Tsinghua University with a Master's degree in 2015 from the Department of Information Art and Design Interdisciplinary, School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, supervised by Associate Professor Fu Zhiyong and co-advised by Professor Cui Baoguo.

His master's research focuses on service design and collaborative innovation, and his doctoral research focuses on future-oriented design methods for scenario building.

In 2019, he won the title of Guanghua Dragon Award - Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Service Design Industry, and in the same year, he was nominated for the Guanghua Dragon Award - Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Design Industry.

Interview Content


Personal Background


What is your role in the team?

PreferenceMarketingandBusiness ConsultantThe role of the group, the effective transformation of the design results of the subject group. Find the intersection of design innovation and market trends, promote design practice on the ground, and explore new directions for product services.


When did you first become involved with the metaverse?

I think it started in '21, when Mr. Fu's master courses, international workshops and some innovation competitions started to involve the concept of metaverse theme, and the collaboration between the group and Roblox platform also made me gradually pay attention to the creative process and tools of designers related to the metaverse field.


 As a cross-disciplinary professional background, how do you define the identity of a meta-universe builder?

The definition of metaverse (web3.0) in a broad sense determines that metaverse builders will involve practitioners with multidisciplinary backgrounds, not just the work of computer scientists and virtual modeling renderers superimposed. The development trend of metaverse will be gradually applied in various vertical tracks of clothing, food, housing, transportation, education, and healthcare after the XR technology is further stabilized. Industry stakeholders will work with the underlying technology builders, top-level policy makers, and core user groups to build the metaverse. In the meta-universe era, theThe interaction designer community, as the translator between users and services, needs stronger empathy and technical understanding.Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to be better as a meta-universe builder.


Work Focus

Q4.Before the arrival of the first year of the meta-universeWas early exploration of the meta-like universe undertaken?


If from the perspective of interaction design, previously involved in the design of many digital projects based on 3D, VR/AR technology, coveringGames, transportation, architectural landscapeThe field. From a service design perspective, I have been involved in the construction of many schools of the future, including the promotion of many virtual simulation innovation labs. From my personal point of view, many interactive media projects, including data visualization and digital twin projects, are very close to the metaverse concept. Especially the character customization system and social and payment system in the top game platform play a good underlying cognition for everyone to popularize the metaverse concept.Pictures

Figure 1 Science VR works "Faraday Laboratory

In addition, my master's MVP explored a team collaboration platform based on the combination of virtual and real technology, using the video image technology at that time to make remote collaboration more efficient and artistic. At that time, I actually envisioned a virtual scenario similar to Microsoft's xbox platform with avatars for remote communication and collaboration, but I finally finished my MVP with a video image immersive perspective.Pictures

Figure 2 Co-matrix conceptual designPictures

Figure 3 Co-matrix GUI designPictures

Fig. 4 Beijing International Design Week 2014 exhibition site, remote interaction with the classroom of the Academy of Fine Arts and co-creation

Q5.Why do meta-universe science capsule storage?


One level isThe concept of metaverse itself needs to be popularized, need to reach more young people to understand the development trend of this Internet and IoT complex. The concept of online informal learning space has also gained recognition from museums, science centers, schools, parents and students with the frequency of force majeure events, and metaverse science is an opportunity and a new carrier. Another dimension is that in the future metaverse eco-matrixThe physical interaction space that integrates multiple XR devices is one of the meta-universe scenario interfaces worth exploring to link the real world and the illusionary world. Just like the concept of the operating silo in the "Top Gun" movie, users need a cockpit or a more immersive physical space to enter the metaverse world. As a modular device that can be moved and quickly deployed, the concept of science capsule bin is not innovative, like the science caravan has a long history of development in China, the metaverse science capsule bin has the characteristics of a new era carrier that traditional science caravans do not have in terms of user immersion and multimodal knowledge dissemination interaction. It is indispensable.Pictures

Figure 5 "Top Gun" movie concept map


Results and Prospects


What are your favorite metaverse designers/works? How do you get inspired to create in the metaverse?

       I believe that people have a basic understanding of the meta-universe more from news, movies and games to get some ideas and understanding. Personally, I prefer to think about the development of metaverse trends from games.Cyberpunk 2077It is my favorite open console game in the past two years, and I am very impressed by the game's worldview setting and story line. In a disorderly near-future in search of a new order, experience different classes of multiple attributes of game characters, so that users reflect on the attributes mapped to the game incarnation, will make you reflect on the future meta-universe "original sin" and "dream".


What are your plans for the next phase of your project research?

       I think we may focus on the rapid development and popularity of AR smart glasses technology to explore more multiverse illusion and real world interface scenarios. The goal is to explore and build more scenarios through text narratives with the future in mind, to seamlessly integrate users, technology, services, and scenarios in a multifaceted way, and to explore new ideas of metaverse design.


In the future, how does metaverse creation relate to personal development paths?

Due to the limitations of technology development at this stage, perhaps the real landing of the metaverse is still far in the future. But before the technology singularity comes, designers can create more stories and look forward to more possibilities. Whether it is metaverse, X-universe or Y-universe, they are all "containers" for creativity, and there may be many variations of "containers", but it is always a platform for us to present the value of our thinking. "I believe that personal development cannot be truly separated from the essence of the metaverse, and at different points of time, we can use platforms or tools to maximize the meaning of design.


Please recommend a book to the reader.

I'd like to share four books with you: Buckminster The Design Revolution: A Manual for Operating the Earthship, Liang Sicheng A History of Architecture in Pictorial China, James Scott's Perspectives on the State, and Horowitz's Entrepreneurial Vulnerability.Pictures

There are two pamphlets that I really, really like after reading the blog. I personally think that this design scientist, who can be called a contemporary Leonardo da Vinci, started to call for sustainable development in the 1960s with his visionary insight, and discussed the "community of human destiny", and to this day, his writings and works are worthy of our repeated consideration and study.

In addition, I personally cherish this hand-drawn book "The History of Chinese Architecture in Images" by Liang Sicheng. Every time I open this hand-drawn book, it is full of shock, although I am looking at the Chinese re-run, I can still feel the confidence and momentum of the original English version of the book to spread Chinese traditional culture to the Western world. Each beautiful hand-drawn picture in English and Chinese will make me stand in awe, remove my irritable heart, return to my humble heart, and re-start the path of learning.

I recommend "Perspectives on the State" by James Scott. The author tries to take you on the shoulders of those national planners to see how projects that try to improve the human condition fail. After reading this book, you will have new insights when you try to understand Corbusier's Chandigarh apartment complex project in India.

Finally this book Horowitz's "Entrepreneurship is difficult" would like to give me to myself to reread, when I felt that entrepreneurship so bitter to see more bitter. Today, in the year 2022, when the epidemic is raging and the policy is optimized, I wonder if I will be able to taste a hint of sweetness.

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