Tsinghua University's "Na Like" Creative Start Program was successfully launched

In the afternoon of May 5, 2018, the "Tsinghua University NAYOUNG Creative Departure Program", jointly initiated by Tsinghua University's Art and Technology Innovation (ATI) Base and NAYOUNG NAYOUNG brand, was officially launched at Tsinghua University's Academy of Fine Arts.

The launching ceremony invited Professor Sultan, Vice Dean of Tsinghua University School of Fine Arts, Professor Hang Min, Vice Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, Dr. Yan Deng, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Academic Affairs Office, Dr. Wang Xudong, Director of the Office of Art and Scientific Research Center and Deputy Director of Art and Science and Technology Innovation Base, as well as students who participated in the "Tsinghua University Na Sample Creative Sailing Program" to participate and witness the event. The students participated and witnessed together.

The Tsinghua University NAYOUNG Creative Launch Program, jointly established by Xie Na and NAYOUNG brand and ATI of Tsinghua University, is an international innovation platform for emerging designers and creative young people with the main goal of supporting Tsinghua University's innovation and entrepreneurship education. It mainly supports Tsinghua University students and alumni within 5 years of graduation to initiate innovative, creative and entrepreneurial projects with international talents, focusing on new media communication, art and design, fashion, and intangible cultural heritage protection and inheritance.

Tsinghua University has a long-standing tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship education, through the "trinity" education model of value shaping, ability cultivation and knowledge transfer and the "integration of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship" high-level innovation and entrepreneurship education, to stimulate and cultivate students' It has played a leading role in the national universities and has a wide social influence.

With the emphasis on "innovation" by the whole country and society in recent years, innovation and entrepreneurship education has involved more and more social forces and formed a kind of synergy. At present, Tsinghua's innovation and entrepreneurship education ecology has the concepts of "teacher+" and "curriculum+". We have introduced a lot of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors as mentors, either to teach in Tsinghua or to guide our students, so as to bring our students the innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge accumulated in real life. We have introduced many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors as mentors, either teaching in Tsinghua or guiding our students, so as to bring our students the experience of innovation and entrepreneurship accumulated in the real world.

Tsinghua University welcomes Ms. Xie Na to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship education, to "nurture" people together with Tsinghua, and to bring positive influence and guidance to our students with her rich and unique life experience and brave and independent spirit.

In her speech, Ms. Xie Na was pleased to say that with a beginner's heart of love for design, she was fortunate to receive support from Tsinghua University and I.T Group, a well-known enterprise in China's fashion industry, and hoped that she could do her small part to make the 'Tsinghua University Na Sample Creative Start Program' as good as it could be. "

At present, there are four innovation and entrepreneurship education platforms in the Tsinghua University Student Entrepreneurial Voyage Base, and the ATI Art and Technology Innovation Base is one of the young, energetic and unique innovation and entrepreneurship education platforms in our university. It is dedicated to building a creative engine and crowdsourcing platform for the integration of art and technology.

We believe that the "Tsinghua Nana Creative Sailing Program" will help the ATI Art and Technology Innovation Base reach its construction goal as soon as possible.

On the day of the event, Ms. Xie Na, wearing NAYOUNG NAYOUNG Fall/Winter 2018 collection, together with the young design team from all over the world, elegantly thanked the curtain amidst the applause and cheers, bringing the event to a perfect end.

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