Art and Science Integration Leads to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice--Tsinghua Academy of Art's Three Creative Education Platform Launched

Tsinghua Academy of Arts and Sciences students and alumni want to start a business?

We have our own education platform!

art and technology innovation base.

The integration of art and science leads to innovation and entrepreneurial practice.

art and technology innovation base.

Located on the fourth floor of the Tsinghua University Student Entrepreneurial Launching Base.

It was officially put into service in April 2017.

This is a fusion of art and technology

creativity engine and crowdsourcing platform.

With the aim of nurturing the start-up team, the

Upgrading design services,

The goal is to revolutionize the cultural and creative industries.

Committed to creating an open and cross-border innovation ecology.

For the integration of art and technology

products and services for rapid incubation.

Provide professional resource matching services for the resident teams.

About Qibao Venture Base

Full name: Tsinghua University Student Entrepreneurial Launching Base
Located outside the east gate of Tsinghua University
Center of the Universe Wudaokou

Specific address: Building 5, Zhongguancun Wisdom Street
Total construction area of 2730 square meters with 5 floors
Approximately 75 rooms, each about 30 square meters
There is a meeting room on the first floor and a multi-function room on the fifth floor

The base is planned and coordinated by Tsinghua University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Coordination Committee, aiming to provide better entrepreneurial support services to Tsinghua student entrepreneurial teams.

Tsinghua University student entrepreneurial start-up base unveiled

From left to right: Lin Jianhua, Director of Haidian District Science Committee and Deputy Director of Haidian Park; Wu Kai, Party Secretary of Dongsheng Town, Haidian District; Cheng Jing, CEO of Zhongguancun Wisdom Street; Chen Mingjie, Standing Committee Member and Publicity Minister of Haidian District, Beijing; Yang Bin, Vice President and Provost of Tsinghua University; Zheng Li, Director of Tsinghua University Academic Affairs Office; and Zhang Jinsheng, Chairman of Qidian Star Incubator.

It is a semi-simulated entrepreneurship training base for Tsinghua students.

Which groups can stay?

Entrepreneurial legal entity or partner (shareholding 40% or more)
For Tsinghua University students (including suspended business)
or a start-up team of alumni within 5 years of graduation
In principle, the team must have a registered company
Or register a company within 1 year after moving in
Teams that have won prizes in internal and external bi-innovation competitions are given priority to move in

To apply for residency, please contact Yike Jun, micro signal: yikesir

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