Tsinghua University | Design Innovation Hub

Tsinghua University Design Innovation Hub is dedicated to promoting the application of Design Thinking and Maker Practice in creative innovation and entrepreneurship education and practice. The platform adopts an open cross-border innovation model and builds an open innovation experiment and resource platform based on Innovation 2.0, as well as an international innovation expert think tank and creative community. The specific contents include design thinking education, innovation capability assessment, open research platform and international crowdsourcing network.

Based on Tsinghua University's bi-innovation base located in the Wisdom Technology Park, we carry out the construction of an innovation and entrepreneurship education platform that integrates art, design and technology, and serves Tsinghua University students and teams. Facing the needs of the industry, provide professional support in the fields of research, design, communication and channels for the innovation and entrepreneurship of cultural and creative products. Gather social resources and build an expert think tank in the field of cultural and creative industries to provide professional services for student teams. Support other student teams in the dual innovation base with professional design power to carry out design services, skills training and resource matching.

The platform organizes design innovation workshops to cultivate design capabilities and solve problems faced by enterprises, builds design DNA and recommends design resources for startups through design partner training, forms a global innovation think tank through international summer innovation workshops, and holds Living Lab workshops for industry and society to create an integrated innovation ecology.

The model of combining platform and laboratory, the platform carries out common educational support, and the laboratory improves educational support and incubation for teams in specialized fields. The platform forms an ecological chain to support student teams in the fields of research, design, incubation, and dissemination. The lab adopts a model combining mentor groups and partners to jointly support the innovation and entrepreneurial practice of student teams.

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